Research & Development: A Tradition of Innovations

Alloy development is not a matter of trial and error manipulation of metal "recipes." It results from a scientific understanding of the atomic and metallurgical principles involved and familiarity with the intended service. The AMSCO research facilities are well-equipped in both respects. Complete chemical analysis is available including optical emission spectroscopy and X-ray fluorescent spectroscopy. Our Metallographic Laboratory houses a Leitz metallograph, one of the finest optical microscopes available. A Scanning Electron Beam Microscope extends the usual visual and photographic magnification range of 300,000 times. The SEM includes an energy dispersal system for chemically analyzing individual particles or phases seen on the video screen. 

Advances in high hardness white irons include HC-250, Paraboloy, SPA, and PACE, a relatively new alloy developed for erosion resistance in corrosive environments. Recent developments in manganese steel have led to an alloy with a much improved capacity to work harden. 

The role of AMSCO's Design Engineering is to conceive and give shape to new products and to use the concepts created by metallurgical and materials research.