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AMSCO history from 1915 to the present

  In part 1 of the history of AMSCO®, we explored the company’s very beginnings, dating all the way back to 1795. That all led up to the American Manganese Steel Company, AMSCO®, being formed in 1915. Now we want to see how the company has evolved and changed since it got its name back […]

AMSCO® history: From 1795 to the naming of the company

What we know today as AMSCO®  has a long, winding history that dates back all the way to 1795. The AMSCO®  name, which stands for American Manganese Steel Company, came along in October of 1915. The first time it appeared on a casting was in 1916. So what preceded the AMSCO®  name? Here’s a brief […]

AMSCO® offers Columbia Steel and SWB products!

AMSCO® Wear Products has big news! In 2023, AMSCO® acquired Global Partners Alliance, LLC, becoming the U.S.’s exclusive distributor of Stahlwerke Bochum GmbH (SWB) hammers! Also, in 2023, through acquiring the intellectual property from Columbia Steel for Columbia Chain and Rigging™, AMSCO® is now helping to fill the void left by the closing of Columbia […]